New Jewelry!

A quick look at some new jewelry I am working on! I took a trip out to Los Angeles, and wore out my credit card, but I don't regret it! Hope you like it!

This cuff style bracelet is created with a deep green blue wools leather, with vintage geometric brass findings, and gold leather.

My Little Banner necklace is created from pink coral and vintage brass triangles. I love this one!  
This is my triangle necklace. I also used vintage bar chain and brass triangles. The length is super long, but it's a nice thickness where it won't get tangled like skinny long necklaces get

Burnt Sienna bracelet. I used amazing quality and HUGE deep orange faceted glass beads with brass bar chain and clasp. I love the chunky look to this one!
AMAZING quality, 18 kt gold encased solid amethyst druzy pendant, with 24 kt gold gold overlay rolo chain, with hand wired amethyst accents on the chain.
two toned cooperative ring. I used 14 kt gold filled and sterling silver, along with 10 steps to create this beauty. I love the edginess and uniqueness of this one!

I will update this with some more photos of my work! Feel free to visit my store!

1 Year Anniversary Giveaway though Facebook!

Amarilo Designs has been opened a year! September 1st marks it one year. I hope you join me on facebook to win some lovely jewelry! 
I will announce the winners at the end of the month. Winner #1 will win one of the items they are tagging in their post, Winner #2 and #3 will receive an item that I choose. I promise they'll be good. I am thinking a sweet bracelet, or a solid awesome ring. I will draw the winners in a random draw based on how many times you tag and post. The more you tag @amarilo design, the greater are your chances to win.

one day at a time in this crazy world

In case you didn't know, I am a college student still trying to tackle down my BA! And as of now, California's budget is in the crap hole, so getting any type of aid is unheard of now. Luckily, I am now resourcing my hobby to turn my joy into tuition fees, rent, and just one step closer to graduating. I have a goal! I need to pay the second half of my fall quarter tuition feeds by October 10th: it is $900! I just hope I will reach it...

sighhhh....being a poor college student sucks! But luckily, LUCKILY, I have something I love to do AND it helps close those gaps!

Anyways, I just wanted to share with you what I have got planned over the next busy few months! I am booked to the T, and I am a little worried, but I know with support, and working my butt off, things will come into place hopefully!

Tuition: $1,890 +$300 book (Hopefully less online!)
Not to mention I am taking 18 to 20 units (I should graduate in 2 quarters, so I am really trying to push myself...I want to get out of there!)

Jewelry help alleviate money problems from above
Since I need to pay the $900 by October 10th, that gives me about a month and a half to come up with it! I just paid over a $1200 for the first part of my quarter, and it physically hurt, the gut wrenching hurt where you want to go rock yourself in a corner, trying to soothe yourself because it just boggles your mind how a school can screw over their hard working, tuition paying students like that!

Anyways, so in order to organize all my affairs, cue in craft show plans to help bring in some extra needed tuition moolah, broken down by the months.

SEP: Abbot Kinney Music Festival: I have been selected, so it's sealed with a beautiful kiss. I am really excited about this one. It is HUGE. It's a music festival, matched with a bunch of sellers, varying from designer to handmade. Absolutely exciting!

OCT: Sew Funky Marketplace: I have already been selected, so it's also a done and sealed deal. I loved doing the first craft show in the summer, so I am sure it will not fail me. I even have a larger, and better booth that is right next to the entrance. Super fortunate and happy about that!

NOV: The Queen Bee Market in San Diego. I have just applied tonight; I hope I get accepted. I had applied to the summer one, but I wasn't able to afford the fees that went with it, but hopefully they will accept me because I am ready, willing and god help me, financially able!

DEC: The Renegade Craft Fair: status; I have applied, but not yet paid the exhaustively high fees that go along with it....sighh...its too bad you have to spend money to make it. Anyways, I find out if I made it (or didn't make it) on September 23. I am not sure if I will make it, since I am not sure if I am "renegade" enough....BUT I have been looking forward to this ALL year, and I am NOT joking. I just feel like I can't survive the neglect, the disappointment in myself, the fact that I was not good enough if I am not picked!  Ok, that was a little melodramatic, and I know I will be ok. But I have been looking forward to this for over a year! 
The 2nd Annual Renegade Craft Fair Holiday Market in Los Angeles returns to Los Angeles State Park on December 10 + 11, from 10am – 5pm

Anyways, I just felt like sharing (ok, venting really). But, if anybody reads this post, please use this discount on some lovely jewelry at 20% off!
use Discount code: ilikesleep

 And good night ;)

PS. I just want to say a special thank you to my full time boyfriend. I say full time because any guy can be a boyfriend, but not every guy can be full on supportive boyfriend... He never stops caring for me, and is just constantly supportive, with my THOUSANDS of jewelry conversations, questions, inquiries, business questions, etc. If it weren't for him, I probably wouldn't be where I am today, and I just want to say thank you. Thank you for letting me drag you around to craft shows that are just overwhelmed with the opposite sex, for 8 hours at a time. You are the best :) and I am one SUPER LUCKY ducky girl. I love you Neno! (nickname :) in Spanglish)

PSS. Do yourself a favor and go watch Crazy, Stupid, Love
It isn't a chick flick, but a drama, meets comedy, meets "why yes, I do love Emma Stone" kind of movie AND it had good music. (my boyfriend is the ultimate music critic, but I'll explain more on that in a later post) Anyways, I was not expecting myself to be as entertained as I was with this movie; I would even be willing to go watch it in the theaters again..which is VERY rare.
Here, let me make it easier for you:

New Blog Header!

Do you like my new blog header? I do! Thank you so much for Modern Girl for making it! And being so affordable too!

She also made these for me:

 Aren't they just beautiful? Thank you Sara! I am very happy!

Giveaway hosted by Tweetnovember!

Win a free giveaway by the ultra talented blogger, and gorgeous website designer, TweetNovember. You win either a custom blog header or Childrens Print from Modern Girl.

Check out her beautiful work in her blog:

To enter, just click on the link below: 

You must follow her blog, and make a post about it on your own blog, then post the link on her blog in the comment section of the giveaway.

Unfortunately, I just heard about it tonight since I haven't been in touch lately because I have been so busy with school, but take advantage of the last few hours there are to enter!!!

Serious, her work is amazing. Her layout is genius, and so simplistically beautiful and easy to navigate around her page. Please check out her blog and follow!! :)

my first craft show; sew funky marketplace

Woohoo!!! My first ever craft show! I had a blast!

I finally have the energy to write and post this review! This past weekend, I partook in the first Sew Funky Marketplace that took place the the Marriott in Historical Downtown Riverside.

I had no idea what to expect. But if I did, it surpassed anything I would have imagined. I arrived with my set up around 7:30. I finished setting up my walls and table and display at 9:30 am. My set up was simple, but it did the job, especially for my first craft show.

The Sew Funky Marketplace was full of artistic handmade talent! There was a personal touch to every single handmade item, and I loved everything. My only regret was not being able to peruse through the market with a more attentive eye that all these amazing finds truly demanded. 

My neighbor was the talented Debz Doodlez ( and she hand makes gorgeous reversible aprons (100% her design by the way, how fantastic is that? 
My other neighbor was the uber amazing The Lee.f ( This store sells handmade adorable fun and flirty pillows, and amazing upcycled vintage duffle bags. She also won the best set up for the market, which was extremely creative, from the grass flooring to the mega tall walls that display bags and pillows all the way up. 
I was also fortunate to meet the love artist of LifebyHand ( who specializes in gorgeous hand made clips and accessories. She was darling as well! 
I really cannot express words to describe every single artist there, because I will never finish this post in time; they were all fantastic. Feel free to check out their styles in the websites below. They will also be present for the Fall Sew Funky Marketplace:
BobbySoxie  www.bobbysoxie.etsycom
Kutz, Paper Scissors
Daphne Paramo
Fairly Fabulous
Hello Bird
Little Bird + Babies in Green
Little Wellies
Love Jennevy  www.lovejennevy.etsycom
Old North Wind
Paper from Heaven
Pita Pat My Heart   www.pitapatmyart.etsycom
Rachels Vintage Moments
This Little Piggie
Yellow Bird, Yellow Beard

Summing up, don't miss out on this great GREAT opportunity to get to know some artists who create one of a kind finds, that are truly irreplaceable. All of these artists are amazing at their craft, with the personality to match. Every single artist has a different eye for art, so nothing is the same or repeated in style or design.
Hope to see some of you next time! Much love! 

I apologize for some of my photos. I was just having too much fun :)

A special thanks to James and Christina, who worked extremely hard to organize the entire thing. Christina, you are SO darling. Thank you so much for the help, and prompt response when I had some questions. I really can't wait to work with you again
James, I didn't meet you, but thank you for helping in setting this amazing opportunity up!
Here is the info on the Sew Funky Show:
[tweet] @sewfunkymarket
[like] facebookcom/sewfunkymarket

Come Join!

I will be offering designs that I do not have in my online store! Come see other vintage lovelies and other handmade artists!